5.30.20  |  On NERDSoul  |  11-2P PST

A virtual celebration featuring the all-stars of Black comix, cosplay, music, and entertainment. Come quarantine and chill with us, listen to some music, laugh, talk shop, do a little 2-step, and relieve some stress. Head over to NERDSoul and subscribe for updates and notifications on all show guests, topics, music, giveaways, dope merch and more!

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The Blerdgurl, Brandon Easton, David Walker, Ninja Yoyo, Hannibal Tabu, Jason Reeves, John Jennings, NERDSoul, Quinn McGowan, Sebastian Jones, Solar Greye, Takeia Marie, Victor Dandridge & More!

Bringing together the flava of dope beats, rhymes, art, speak and 100% VIBE for a virtual event to geek out on YouTube.

A party held to raise money to pay rent by charging guests for attendance. Originating in Harlem during the 1920’s, these parties were a means for Black tenants to eat, dance, and get away from everyday hardship and discrimination. The rent party played a major role in the development of jazz and blues music, alongside forms of swing dancing.

Taking care of our neighbors and by extension, the community, has historically been a priority for Black families in America. And with our Black Comix family, in light of the Corona Virus Pandemic, that hasn’t changed. With the great task of flattening the curve upon us, we’ve had to adjust to fast changes in our way of life and livelihoods. Furloughs, stay-at-home orders, shut downs, cancelled trade shows, festivals, and conventions, while all necessary, have been a blow to many of our businesses. But like fish plates on Friday, BBQ plates on Saturday, and love offerings on Sunday, same as our ancestors, we endure through the tough times with the help of family and the support of community.

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