Shows that I loved in 2017

Now it’s time to talk about the best of TV in 2017. When it comes to TV this year we had a ton of good shows like The Punisher (which I covered on the show), or Stranger Things. Sadly, I can’t watch them all and I want to make sure I show some love to a couple of the show’s I’ve been watching and enjoying all year long that may fly ‘below the radar’.

Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon has truly surprised me
Now you all know im an Action guy so I’ll start up with Lethal Weapon. Yeah, that’s right. I’ve mentioned Lethal Weapon a couple of times on the show because Damon Wayans is really good in this role to the point that I’m surprised how well he’s pulling it off. I’ve also watmed up to the cat that plays Riggs. Im super NOT feelin his hairstyle, though I am warming up to it, I am definitely feeling their chemistry on screen.

Though I don’t think this show is going to win any awards… ever. But Lethal Weapon is something that you can enjoy if you’re hanging around and just want something fun to watch.


Supernatural is BACK on a roll
My next show, which shouldn’t be a surprise, is Supernatural. Supernatural is a show that I have been watching for a long time. There have been seasons that have been really good for me (ie: Seasons 1 through 6) that went extra hard but after Season 6 i feel the show lost a step. Just a bit. It’s been up and down and hasn’t been extremely good but these last two seasons have brought that A-game. Back to the good old days of just strong episodes, interesting characters and interesting stories. Coming off last season, which I think was super solid, I now know that the show is so SO ready. I mean 13 Seasons now, and even though it’s been on for a very long time, it’s getting its second wind and I’m highly interested in what comes next!

Blacklist & Blindspot

So let’s talk about “Black and Blind.” In this case I’m talking about Blacklist and Blindspot wich are two shows that I kind of started watching sort of at the same time for different reasons. Blacklist starting off was a show that really intrigued me because of the mystery around, you know, a butt-naked lady in the middle of Times Square. Then Blacklist, of course, bring the mystery around another young lady in Elizabeth Keen.

Blacklist is consistently GOOD
For Blacklist, the strengths outside of “Ray” is definitely the relationship with Elizabeth and Tom Keen, Harry Lennix and Dembe Zuma. I think Harry lennix is great in the show, especially how he holds it down as the glue concerning the dynamic between the core team. Whether it’s relationships, underhanded dealings, Ray’s craziness or government oversight he’s on top of things. Now regardless of the amount of Blacklisters and Season count starting to ‘get up there’ this show hasn’t gotten old and has actually interested me way longer than I thought while dealing with the idea that anybody can get got.

Blindspot's New Season is FIYAH
Now let’s get back to Blindspot. Yes, Lady Sif’s hair is wack but we have a show I was expecting to get gimmick-y real fast but… It works. Ever since covering the show on AfterBuzz TV I have pushed mostly for a Reade and Zapata romance. Yes. I mean why not? But let’s move on, I really like the new dynamic specifically in this season where you don’t have the main structure of just Jane and Weller in the forefront. Nowadays you have a situation where Reade is leading the charge, which is cool because he’s a bit more level-headed and calculated than Weller.

The outlook now? Great. We’ve got the dirty superior out of the way, the X Factor of a new big bad, Jane’s daughter, Roman and a lil mo’ so I must say that even though I was not feeling what they did at the end of last season with the time-jump. I’m ALL-IN now.

DC on The CW

DC Comics on The CW
So what about DC CW? Even though I cover them kind of frequently (on the show), I guess you could say the DC CW shows aren’t really hitting on all cylinders for me. The two that I will say are strongest for me are The Flash and Arrow. In this season ofThe Flash I like the way they have created a villain for him that isn’t just about running or being faster. He’s a villain that Barry is going to have to outsmart, that he’s going to have to think about before he “rushes in.” As far as, Arrow, I like the fact that the team dynamic has changed them. Specifically around Oliver. Another bright spot before I bounce is the yearly crossover DC CW does [see below].

Peace and of course… Nerd Nuggets.