NERDSoul: Hip Hop + Nerd + Soul

NERDSoul, by Le Ill Kid @OneYoungsta, is that intangible fresh--that 70's soul mixed with comics, some sci-fi fantasy, movie geekery, topped off with the Golden Era of Hip Hop. I've developed NERDSoul over the years as a StreetGEEK, unknowingly by loving Wu-Tang, Justice League, Star Wars, Stevie Wonder and playing D&D after school. NERDSoul comes from that StreetGEEK that can chop it up with the best, while being up on game around the block and Pop Culture.

Nerd Nuggets

One of Supes main vulnerabilities is magic and magic is Harry's gig. Harry could beat Supes in like 3 moves.

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Doctor Sleep was like, what if the X-men movies stooped trying to fail...

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The best thing about MIB International was the compressed giant blue star gun. Tessa, however will not be held accountable for any if it. Tessa is solid.'

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Revenge of the Sith? Hold Up... What Happened? ... Rogue One: *Snoring* ... *Chokes on snore and wakes up* ... *Goes Back To Bed*

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This cutesy Superman from the Supergirl show ya'll claimed was better than Cavil…does he just plan on niceing his way through the Anti-monitor?

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