The Movers & Shakers of Indies

Hey guys, today I want to talk about just Indie Comics or comic creators in general that really stood out to me and really made a difference for me in 2017. They seem to have cracked the code as far as writing inspiring tales and creating really cool visuals. There were many fun stories this year (even though everyone may not agree) that I have had the pleasure of reading; from books like Ricky or Hotshot. There’s also the Bounce comic which has been a lot of fun and I really think that there needs to be a light shone on the folks creating these worlds.

So here are my top five that I think are really moving and shaking. That are really making a difference as far as indie work is concerned.

5: Karate Petshop

Karate Petshop Logo
As far as grinding in general on the comic scene, my Number 5 would have to go to the folks over at Karate Pet Shop. I think these guys are really putting in a lot of work and what is really affecting me is the production value from Ricky. The coloring, the art, the paper quality in it. All that. It has an all-around top-quality book look and feel. I believe that books, just like Ricky which, they are releasing have a lot of space on the family side which will allow you to enjoy over and over again. That’s something that should not be overlooked.
*Check out Karate Petshop

4: Russell Nohelty

Coming in at Number 4 is Russell Novelty simply for Monsters… this year. Monsters… is a graphic novel collection of horror stories ranging from weird to scary to funny that I witnessed grind out from kickstarter to delivery. Not only is the Hardcover fantastic but Russell, of Wannabe Press, also shares much of his journey of comic creation and entrepreneurial moves on Facebook Live which help give insight and education to his community.
*Check out Wannabe Press

3: Marcel Dupree

Marcel Dupree
Number 3 would have to be Marcel Dupree. That guy has always got something going on whether it’s writing, planning, promoting, etc. He is a master salesman killing the kickstarter game and he is also dropping multiple titles back-to-back. Still, he is able to find a way to not only network well but also stay current with all types of different storylines and crossovers.
*Check out Marcel Dupree

2: Chuck “Dragonblack” Collins

The Duece is Chuck Collins. This dude is a guy that I have been following since DSX! An amazing talent who’s penmanship game is on fleek! I have never in my lifetime seen a guy put it in like him. On a week to week basis, this man is a machine for meeting deadlines the way he does. His weekly comic Bounce (that I will be reviewing next year) has a fresh, intriguing and unique art style that honestly keeps me coming back over and over. His writing is witty and extremely funny and definitely a talent that you should not should not miss in the coming new year!
*Check out Bounce!

1: Michael Watson

Lastly is my Number 1 in Michael Watson of Freestyle Komics. After being BLOWN AWAY by his character Vigilance and then highly impressed with another hero of his named Hotshot, I knew this guy was going to make my list. Creating, writing, drawing, running the business, and on and ON. He’s grinding and shining and you should DEFINITELY check him out! His interactions in crossovers and support characters cut through the clutter as well as creating highly formidable villains in The Void to other titles like Heroes International.
*Check out Freestyle Komics

This guy [Michael] straight up tops my list but don’t sleep on anyone here and beyond these creators. There’s tons of GREAT content being created out there. Find something for you and read the HECK out of it!

Nerd Nuggets. Peace.