Who you got?

We all have our favs and Ninja invited us to kick around the topic of our favorite Anime Protagonists. Them heroes that keep us coming back. The ones that get us all invested and bout to cry over ’em. Aight, maybe that’s just me but still. They keep us streaming, watching and waiting for the next week.

Stretch Life.

Before I even reflect on a couple that were thrown out in the vid, I’ma go head and give some love to Luffy aka “Monkey D. Luffy”. Why? Because Gamma Rae Cosplay wasn’t in attendance, and I know that’s her guy. Admittedly, I don’t watch One Piece but it looks cool and I know that Luffy has this unconventional way about him that people love. So before I started I just wanted to give Mr. Gomu Gomu no Mi his just due.

Coop Comes Thru.

On to Coop’s pick of Tanjiro Komodo of Demon Slayer. You know, the one and only big tear crying protagonist of our fav anime and manga. He’s kind and compassionate because he gon’ kill the demon but with respect though. His love for his sister has him determined to ensure he saves her from her ‘demoness’. Top all of this with top-notch swordsmanship and true character growth that you can ‘feel’, I must say, TK is that dude.

This all made me think of leadership. One of Coop’s (and my) favs is The Major. Yup. Motoko Kusanagi. We talked about how she leads not from the rear but with her actions from the front. I also love that she chooses her team and then TRUSTS THEM… Not micromanaging them like Eric at your local Wal-Mart but allowing them to be great and handle their situations on their own. As a leader, she is decisive, resilient, adaptable as a MF and on the low… Empathetic. She’s amazing and Ghost in the Shell is STILL one of my favorite anime series of all time (I know the Netflix show is kinda bunk tho).

Arogant but compassionate.

Ninja Sama’s pick was Dr. Stone’s Senku. But why is he SO cool? Well, he ‘is’ unique and captivating in a ‘House’ kind of way lol. He’s a flat-out genius I feel like he has to let us all know it but that’s another thing. He does in fact have a sense of humor that is noticeable, and his strategies make him compelling because even though I haven’t seen much of him I would say as a character he does care about everyone’s outcome in the situation.

Strong and Silent with a side of Struggle.

Now me? ME THOUGH? I love my Goku. I LOVES my Ichigo. My favs though? I got two for ya’ll in Guts of Berserk and D from Vampire Hunter D. The strong silent type. Straight up, these two DO NOT PLAY. They have either unknown or tragic pasts, incredible willpower and physical strength that is out of this WORLD. On Guts’ side, this man will chop off his arm to complete a mission. D, will persevere straight solo-dolo against even The Barbarois. These men are not only memorable but enduring staples of anime.

Where ya’ll at wit it? You got a fav protagonist or are you into villainy?

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