He on that Physical 100 life.

You got the new Street Fighter 6 Gameplay Trailer don’t you? You feelin’ good ain’tcha? Aight it’s no secret that Zangief and E.Honda ain’t the best of friends. Both E. Honda and Balrog been on Z’s head since the START way back time and time again. So yeah, they rivals but DANG. I know E’s always a hill to climb for Zangief but this new trailer got E. Honda lookin BAD! I mean Zangief was just TOSSIN’ the Sumo Wrestler from here, there and everywhere. smh.

The moment he said “It’s time to get serious”, I knew we was about to see some new ish and betcha by golly WOW. Zangief lookin’ like a WHOLE NEW MAN in these streets. I mean yeah, he’ll still be slow but if that man gets his hands on you??? “This is your last ride” lol. I’ll give him this, Zangief is now TRULY on his Physical 100 and since we already know him for his immense strength, and he’s considered one of the strongest characters in the Street Fighter but I think this ultra-grappler says it best: “My beautiful body is built better”.

Shorty got dem sticks tho.

The trailer ain’t stop there. You may know that I used to main the Du-Ragged one known as Rashid. He had the mighty wind and well obviously, he ain’t the only one cuz ya girl Lily lookin’ TIGHT n RIGHT this morning. Capcom says she’s a descendant of the Thunderfoot tribe (aka T. Hawk’s peoples). She speaks with nature spirits for guidance in making you look like a rag doll. They also say her small stature conceals truly gigantic power which I am kinda impressed with. FRFR… I wanna bust someone in the head wit dem sticks. Also, did you see the photo she took? It looked like that might actually ‘hit’. Anyway, don’t be surprised if I end up using her.

UGH Time.

Let’s all get ready to UGH (I hate fighting Cammy players). “Killer Bee” is back yaaaay (*sarcasm). Okay — Cammy Whizzite, who is joining her other Super Street Fighter II cast mate Dee Jay, seems even mo’ dangerous than before. Yeah, she got new clothes but she got a new attitude with the updated move set. Straight up? Shorty gon’ take the back of dem knees to kingdom come. Story-wise, I wonder what’s up since Shadaloo is gone now… right? iono what they doin’ atm anyways but at least she ain’t brainwashed this time.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Cannon Strike Cammy, and I’m not at all interested in the new mission that awaits her BUT… I still respect the gangsta of her “execute” neck kick she dropped on JP. She’s fast and the power she harnesses is not to be trifled with.

Now where you at wit it? Capcom done laid down the gauntlet to make sure we weren’t gonna talk but so long about Kazuya’s demon self. So, you preordered up or what?

So is my mind changed on Street Fighter? Maybe.