Arcsys, come on in. Sit down.

Arcsys has SHO Nuff been showin out. Yes, we got Street Fighter 6 on the way with an ACTUAL date. You bet we got Tekken 8 rolling thru. Betcha by golly WOW Mortal Kombat 12 has been semi-announced but you know what? Arcsystem Works said we don’t care we still gon do what we gotta do at ArcRevo 2023. With two games, Arc showed that there is still life, continued development and support for each title. They could’ve just ran the sets at the tournament but they knew we were waiting for some announcements and I don’t think they disappointed… Well not completely.

Don’t Sleep.

Let’s talk the good. Guilty Gear Strive (which may be my favorite fighting game ever) announced the next Season 2 DLC Character release in Bedman? which, if the trailer is any indication, will prove to spice things up. They also ended their announcement with the continued roadmap of stages, another character, and new colors. So with that, I’m super down for a character like Bedman? (who seems right up my alley) and also quite pleased to hear of a Season 3. This proves that they ain’t finished with the brand and the game will continue to add that spice to the chicken and the rice.

To the point of Bedman?, I also wanna know who that next character is. I’ve made it clear that Bridget and Sin Kiske were like filler episodes in your favorite anime, but Bedmeezy looks to be CRAZY stacked and I’m thinking the next character to close out Season 2 will be as well. Maybe Johnny or Venom? Not sure but I’m sure they’ll balance out the two duds we got at the beginning of Season 2 of Guilty Gear Strive.

On the wire.

On to the ‘OK’. Not bad but just ‘OK’ (with a tinge of bad). Arcsys also gave a look at Spectre who will be the first DLC Character for DNF Duel. The Bright Side? She looks awesome, that sword ain’t no joke and I’m really feeling the zip line feature thingy buuuuuuuuuuut. This is WAY too late in the game to be dropping the FIRST DLC Character and then there’s no actual date outside of ‘Summer 2023’? Really Arc? Seriously? Okay, check it. The community in the FGC has been complaining about DNF for a minute and some of the stuff was petty but their arguments about the lack of (at least perceived) support are quite valid imho. It’s almost a YEAR my guy and all ya’ll got is ONE character?

Juxtapose this against the Bedman? trailer where they showed us the coming characters, stages and colors that would be coming in the latter part of Season 2. With DNF, we don’t know if this is even Season 1 or not. smh. Arcsys, you gotta STEP. YO. GAME. UP! You know what’s happening this summer, right? Another fighting game that has just a TOUCH of notoriety by the name of Street Fighter. One character just ain’t gon do it. Do you really think the player base is gonna stick around for just ONE player and a balance patch?

Are we at death’s door?

Even though I haven’t found a character on your roster that I resonate with and even though I thought your game was overpriced when it dropped. I still defended what could or would come, as I believed you had a slow start out the gate. Now? Nah b. Ya’ll had a WHOLE YEAR and you ain’t got nothin but a biscuit meal? If you, Arcsystem Works, really want the DNF Duel community to have a strong and long life into the new year with Street Fighter AND Tekken on the way; You’re gonna have to do better.

Am I trippin? Holla at me and lemme know if DNF’s future is lookin bright or dim as Lost Warrior’s cave.

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