Last year, the indelible ARCKATRON dropped the Hip Hop Soundscape titled “blango! v1.0”. At that time, he spoke of living moment to moment and how that played into the music being ‘fluid’. This brought us a continuous stream of sounds for 12:44 that left me wanting more and guess what? We NOW have more!

Before we get started with his new release, ARCKATRON let us know that the titling also reaches back to his childhood stating “blango! is something I used to say” along with other words like “boom”, “blow” that bridges the ‘then’ and ‘now’. The first version was one continuous track but ‘this’ one breaks the music into seven tracks or maybe better termed as vignettes.

Let it bump.

“blamp!” opens up with the signature ARCKATRON soundbite and that sniffle backed by a hypnotic rhythm that is lazy but also seems to stalk you somehow.

Next, “Los Angeles” abruptly changes the atmosphere with a piano that brightly highlights the vocals that hide just behind the drums letting you know there’s always more between the headphones of the “Subtle Busyness” creator.

Everything stops for “awork” tho. “awork” in its presentation is much more intent on the wind and kick to enlist an ethereal vibe that breaks up this release well before preparing you for a true trip.

Now “nickles”? It almost trips over itself to give you the sounds layered over the stable bass. Pumped by stabs and a tempo change, this one is as incredible as it is unpredictable. Riding in and out of samples and creative ideas; always forward in its musical progression.


That “gongas,” which immediately makes me think of DOOM, cleans up SUPER quick to get your neck in LOCK STEP with the hypnotic timing. Be careful tho. This one turns on you midway to lead you into the next track in a very mixtape type of way that is ultra-seamless.

After the “what” soundbite, the “obvi” vignette brings the snares in. Literally ensnaring you and holding you for the next “what”. It’s continual layering from ARCKATRON brings the breathing, drums, soundbites and unique timing tricking your head nod just to bring you back to the top.

Lastly is “!”. Finishing with a piece that accents the vibe extremely well. You as the listener have been haunted the whole time and the deep and dark atmosphere created continues only to leave you in darkness. Then returns with a mastered and matured gumbo of drums, snares, samples and hints in the background letting you know that ARCKATRON is not only attentive but intent on the ultimate hip hop instrumentalist experience.

For me? I enjoyed the first version. This one does not disappoint. If you want atmosphere, tricks, unique pacing and just plain flat-out DOPE BEATS? “blango! v2.0” is a MUST to have in rotation. As a friend? I love this man. He’s done so much for me personally and musically. I respect him greatly for that. As a listener? I’m oh SO happy to have yet another installment to go along with the likes of “52pickUPbeetz” to play in the car, in the store, during a workout or while I’m editing video.


Want a deeper dive with ARCKATRON? Check the og blango! interview.