Happy Anniversary.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to the Loop Sessions DMV event. This just wasn’t any old event but their second anniversary of IRL beat making. Beats, worldwide. Since I’m now back in RVA I thought it would be important to check out some good music, some good people and some good food. This event did not disappoint.

When I showed up everyone was checking out the loops getting the samples ready, milling around on MPCs or computers and you could just feel the vibe of some awesome creativity in the space. A big shout to Ty Sorrell, Cin the Ceige and Rylan Kreps along with the host Mags that was so inviting and hospitable.

Everyone there was cool. I got a chance to take some good pictures and meet some good folks, as well as interview Mags for the channel. She broke down how Loop Sessions work with different chapters all over the world. Beats, Worldwide nahmean? I’m honestly hype that we have yet another dope avenue to hear incredible music in RVA.

Diversity in sound.

So after all of the beat makers got their samples and made their beats I had to bounce, but they put up the stream on twitch that allowed me to see the whole event showcasing all of the incredible music they made from just one record that was shared amongst everyone. You had Rylan Kreps with upbeat rhythms layering horns, Two Old Cat with a Southern Boom Bap, Qing Richy weaving drums effortlessly and Nelac The Beat Ninja bringing terrorizing drums and daunting strings to name a few.

It’s always impressive to see how one record can touch so many different people when it comes to how they interpret horns, drums, samples, tempo and whether they use vocal inflections or not. The diversity in the creative ear as they interpret older recordings in building something new is a true joy.

On the food side I have to give it up to Garden Grove Brewery. They have some great eats that come through and I enjoyed it very much (peep that breakfast burrito). Also Grimalkin Records deserves a shout out for being a part of what made this event happen the way it did as well as Brian Tucci. All in all, I can’t wait until the very next Loop Sessions DMV event. It’s dope beats and of course a fun atmosphere for everyone.

Where you at wit it? Have you been to a Loop Sessions event? Are you interested in showing up to the next one? Holla at them on IG and Twitch and I’ll see ya’ll later.

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