Is that coat Alligator?

Aight’chall. That new Tekken 8 gameplay trailer with Kazuya done dropped and that Heat System got him lookin CRAZY. I’m wondering tho. As someone that hasn’t been on the sticks in Tekken in quite a while… How strong is Kazuya? Game-wise and story-wise? Players been all over the place with the answers so I guess I’ll try and gather what I’ve stumbled across since his strength varies depending on the context.


In de game, Kazuya is often high-tier (maybe not ‘S’ tier but high) with tons of powerful strikes, throws, and that electric boogaloo (if you know what I mean). He also has decent mix-ups to capitalize on opponent mistakes with some embarrassing punishes.

His strength has made him popular in the FGC and he’s a pillar of the Tekken franchise. Kazuya’s Electric Wind God Fist alone is feared the world over lol. In the game, Heihachi may have started it all, but Kazuya may have more ‘juice’.


IYKYK Tekken is all about the Mishima family. Their continuous struggle with and for power. Not unlike the St. Patrick’s. A new hero is born every generation. First with Kazuya and then with Jin. Now some might ask, is it Destiny or Fate but they be having drama… Fueled by power. So, is he immortal?

Lore-wise, Kazuya is a TRUE killah. Exceptional martial artist. A Black-belt Jones-like father in Heihachi Mishima (who is not getting any father awards no time soon). In addition to all the suped-up martial arts skills he also possesses the Devil Gene. It’s a lot but here’s the skinny, the Devil Gene is a plot determined supernatural power that is on that Plus Ultra level lol. He gets mo’ strength and mo’ moves like the Devil Beam and the Devil Blaster.

Kazuya is mysterious and it seems we’re not all in agreement on whether he’s a ‘full’ human or not. Is he immortal (cuz demons don’t die. They just get exorcised right?) or is he just super-duper durable? By extension, what about Jin and Heihachi? Don’t ask, cuz I’m still struggling to get a REAL answer from players on that one too.

Who his peoples?

I’ll end with this, Kazuya has beat his father Heihachi, his son Jin, and a MF demon named Azazel. But he’s not all-powerful cuz he’s taken L’s too. So I’ma say this. Due to the gathered info, Kazuya isn’t a full human. I don’t think any of them are. I think the Mishima line has descended from some Demi-god/demon somewhere way back and Kazuya got a lil more access to that Demon Power than errybody else.

Where ya’ll at wit it? I’m probably wrong but since Harada didn’t answer my calls this is what I got.

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