Just finished Marvel’s Eternals:

Took 3 days b/c it was so abysmally boring and trite. All the pretty landscape shots in the world couldn’t hide that. I think Dr. Strange and Thor 1 have new competition for worst MCU movie.

Its like watching a doc with celebrity ‘activists’ going into an indigenous people’s space and miming help and love for their customs and cultures. Playing to the camera, professing their love for these profund creatures. They are saving them, right? Their actions good or bad have no real consequences for them, help them create plows or bombs regardless of the effect on the indigenous folks the eternals will be fine.

And to top it off they get to forget whatever they did in their quest to serve their egos. Meanwhile the real activists (the Avengers), the ones in the trenches are taking licks with the people. Dying and suffering with them (Infinity War/Endgame) while getting the actual shit done.

P.S. Stop with the ikaris and Superman comparisons. Not one of these characters can shine Thanos’ gold boots much less f/w Supes. If the non threat deviants can kill you you’re trash at fighting. I’m sure FalconCap could beat a deviant. Y’all are delusional.

“Ya’ll Buggin.”