Just finished Dune. Solid 7/10, & I wanted to make a couple obser-Jasons (see what I did there?):

#1: I don’t wanna alarm you Villeneuve, buuuut you just wrote & directed the superhero movie equivalent of White Panther.

#2: Zendya: ‘I don’t believe you’re the Lisan al Gaib…’ Me neither. Timmy’s intensity kinda comes and goes. I don’t really see the buzz surrounding this kid *shrugs* He’s serviceable, I guess. I will say though, seemingly, telling destiny to F-off: dopeness.

#3: Mamoa, Brolin, and Rebecca Ferguson are always a plus! (PS Brolin, to my eyes, is pretty much Thanos in every movie now. His voice forever has that ‘I’mma bout to wreck shop’ quality that I love)

#3a: I love long movies. But there is unnecessary drag in some parts and not enough elaboration in others. I dug the space politics, totally want more or that.

#4: I dug the movie tho. That said, the idea that this will prolly be lauded prolly more than any other superhero/sci-fi movie will annoy the hell outta me. Also, color pallette is very similar to a Snyder flick but I don’t expect to hear any digs on that for this flick 😒

#5: For a movie about spice they didn’t have enough surviving Black folks in it for my taste. Like ya’ll ain’t wanna put Idris in this thing as Kang Lightning of Salt Planet? 😁

“I don’t believe you’re the Lisan al-Gaib.”