That Star Wars Tho.

Okay. So on Monday December 11th, I got a chance to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the Disney Lot and it was a TON of fun! Going to Disney is always an adventure… getting lost and it just feels good to say “I’m going to Disney.” Anyway, I was in for a treat because my girl Joelle Monique from Black Girl Nerds was in my showing along with the super cool Mark B Donica!

That’s right the head captain of the ship from Jedi Alliance was in attendance which gave me so much life! Speaking of life, what was so surprising about this event and what I loved about this screening is that it was like being at a ‘baby premiere’. When you show up there, you see so many people in the industry that you respect which gave me a really good feeling. I know it sounds weird but it really made a difference to a point where it was something kind of special like, I’m in a special underground group of colleagues that get to see this film at a secret location! lol.

So you want to know what we thought? How Joelle, Mark and I reacted? We were BLOWN AWAY. See below:

Real quick, I’d like to give a shout out to Disney, to Lucasfilm, to Popcorn Talk network, and to my boy Stephen Lemieux! Now lemme tell YOU. From the opening credits to the last letter of the ending credits, I was just glued to that seat! There’s just so much that I love about Star Wars: The Last Jedi and honestly, I couldn’t have enjoyed it with any cooler people. UBER shout out to the video just below for our initial reactions and in a few days I’m going to update this piece with the complete and full spoiler talk on this film!

Now of course, I got a chance to sit down and REALLY (sort of) collect my thoughts. I’m STILL blown away:

Quick Secret though… the whole and complete Jedi Alliance with Joelle Monique with unite to dish about this film very VERY SOON! So of course, I can’t wait to update you guys on a date and time for that but until then like always this is just another nugget.

Spoilers is here ya’ll! Awww YEAH! Let’s do this! Joelle, Mark B Donica, a Special Guest and myself… Let’s GO!!!