Disney Bout Dat Dollar!

Okay what’s up y’all? It seems like we got a little mo news out of that whole Disney Fox drama and of course the sale finally went through. 52.4B dollars!?! Good God that is a lot of money. Now to give a big shout-out to of course DJ Bee for spending those 45’s on Friday morning to get my day started.

So now let’s get to the whole speculation of it all. The cool thing about this deal is getting of course the Star Wars assets back from Fox and also Marvel is getting control of their assets which is a good thing. I hope that stepping forward we can go deeper in the story elements at Marvel. What I mean by that is for example, in a comic book of 28 Pages there may be a page or two that has Reed Richards. Maybe for 32 pages will be 3 pages with Wolverine coming in to help out or something to that extent.

Basically you’ll be able to better fill out this world and make it seem like it’s ‘relatable’ and make it seem like it touches each and every character on some level or another. We could have Captain Marvel show a quick scene where the Human Torch is assisting because Sue (off screen) sent him. We could relate properties a bit closer to how it’s done on the page and really blow some minds!

Imagine sitting in a theater and TRULY not having any idea who may show up for 2 minutes of screen time to enhance the story. You may have Fantastic Four with the X-Men or you might have Spider-Man in a conversation with Wolverine or even the Avengers introducing Dr. Strange to Professor X! The Illuminati? Sure. A much deeper world, a much deeper connection between the interpersonal relationships with these people. Not Heroes but people.

You now will be able to see maybe a situation between Reed and Tony where they have an actual history and that actual relationship has ‘weight’. Let’s see a Storm movie. Then later on have Storm come home and see T’Challa. AWWW YEAH. We could experience that it’s been a while and they finally have this connection like they did long ago. (This time Marvel, keep them together.)

Storm and Black Panther

Of course like I said this deal has already been done. I feel like this deal was signed and finish earlier this year like January February but they were just waiting to announce it to us so it wouldn’t interfere with any other promotions or marketing. And what now? I’m looking on to the future where we can have more incredible connections across this reconnected MCU.

Avengers vs. X-Men

Next? Story speculation. I’ll have to drop a video to kind of break down what I think will happen in the new/next phase or whatever Kevin wants to call it. This merger is best for relationships so rejoice and until next time. Nerd Nuggets.

*UPDATE* Here’s the video where I break down my thoughts on the MCU’s Phase 4!