Solo is here. You Hype?

Solo: A Star Wars Story

I know we’ve all asked this question already, but with the press screening before me this evening I’m wondering – one last time – if we really need a Han Solo film. Not that Han Solo isn’t ‘that dude’ but I’m not sure if this is the one that everyone has been clamoring for. This comes from the idea that there was in fact a film that many a Star Wars fan would love to see which is: Obi Wan.

Now Star Wars, as far as Obi-Wan is concerned, is loaded with tons of tales for our grey-bearded Jedi but what I really would like to see is a story centered around Order 66. I imagine a story set on the big screen chronicling him ‘On the Run’. This could be set maybe one year after Order 66 where he’s ducking and dodging between Bounty Hunters, Inquisitors, Crime Families and Imperial Forces all out to either cash in on, or extinguish the last light of hope. There is so much to see in the life of an Obi Wan that we always knew as very poetic, patient and clear-headed being frenetic, scared and basically running for his life. We could really see what doctrine(s) he throws to the wind since he has to survive.

Obi Wan Survives Order 66

So Back to Solo. It’s a movie that I’m really interested in seeing though, weirdly, I’m not really ‘hyped’ for it–or not as hyped as I think I ‘should’ be. Maybe it’s because I’m of the mind that Mr. Solo’s life before Episode IV should be shrouded in a mixture of truth, rumor, mystery and legend.

Han Solo A Star Wars Story Poster

I’m seeing it tonight and the world is about to see it this weekend. Reviews from screenings so far seem to be mixed. Where does that leave me as a fan–a lover of the galaxy far away? Could it simply be the fact that no movie will ever be our ‘first time’ with Star Wars? Or maybe this one [Solo] is just ‘okay’.

To back up a bit, I know we’re getting Star Wars movies every year and I honestly don’t believe that we’ll ever get a ‘bad’ Star Wars movie again but with so SO much… what about average? Okay? Sorta good? Could those happen? If I may, we’re getting a fair share of new Star Wars properties and if some, whether on the big or small screen, are just okay… Is that okay?

Anyway, I’m trippin’ because Solo: A Star Wars Story has got to be fun! Right? We’ll see.

Check below later this evening for the reaction video with Alexis Torres.