I like it when your idols tell you to dream.

Incredible artist, and co-host of beatsVibesLife, Anwar Highsign is back with “Vision Board”. This new flame comes just a year after his eclectic “Live N*gga Prophesy” EP with hits like “Loretta” and “Game, Blouses” to further cement lyrical ingenuity over head noddable beats.

“I push the holy ghost out of my ink pen”

Anwar balances between lessons and losses in this new piece with a presentation like: “Sugar on grits, blow up, the meals lookin more rich”… “bodyguard bring the cooker on hip”. He lets us know that we should visualize a place that’s “higher than here” over an instrumental that seems to awaken as the track continues.

“All we got is us til we don’t”.

To cap off the lessons over this instrumental, Anwar tells us that “All we got is us, til we don’t”. To elaborate Anwar Highsign says:

It means we HAVE to stick together. It’s imperative. All we have is us, but at the same time, all things are temporary. One day we won’t be able to make that call or pop over to the house or take that day trip with our special people. They or we won’t be here. It’s my way of saying let’s spend a little more time on the meaningful parts of our human experience.

Anwar Highsign

In elaborating on Vision Board, Anwar finishes stating:

Let’s team up for the vision instead of being so fiercely insular and individual about it. It doesn’t have to be you or me. It can be both of us.

Anwar Highsign

What’s your vision?

He drops this message at our doorstep so what’s your vision? What are you planning or looking forward to? Are you ‘really’ working on it? Or are you just wasting time? Who do you need to reach out to or be with right now? Do what you need to do to bring that vision forth.

Thanks Anwar. Vision Board is available on all major platforms for streaming or purchase.

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