Ghostbusters + The CDC!?!

So I’m hangin’ out and watching Ghostbusters II. Love this movie. LOVE this movie but… You know what. This may be stating the obvious and it may have been said by many others before but my boys in brown/gray really dropped the ball for me on the Societal Health tip.

The Ghostbusters and mood slime

Straight up, after they saw the river of slime shouldn’t they have contacted the CDC? I know I know. There are certain things that can’t be explained and when you can’t explain them… Who Ya Gonna Call? Buuuuuuuuuuuut… Wouldn’t it have helped their case in court and public perception wise to get out in front of this situation and contact an organization to help with what could be a major health threat as well?

Follow me here. We know the slime runs off of moods, positive and negative and that’s cool but how about health effects? Could this slime carry an airborne agent that causes any number of life threatening disease? Now I know Pete wouldn’t really care, maaaaaaaaaaaybe not Ray or Winston but I feel like Egon DEFINITELY should’ve at least reached out to a governmental agent or two?

Ghostbusters 2's river of slime

Am I trippin’? Naw right? Anyway, Nerd Nuggets.