Scientifically speaking: Harry Potter could KILL Superman

Yup, Harry Potter could kill Superman. One of Supes main vulnerabilities is magic and magic is Harry’s gig. Harry could beat Supes in like 3 moves.

Move #1: Use a Bogart. A Bogart can basically assume the form of your worst fear. We all know Supes can’t function if anything happens to Lois, so the Bogart takes the form of a dead Lois and Supes (at the least) will get distracted enough for move #2.

Move #2: Immobulus Charm. While distracted Harry hits Supes with an Immobulus Charm, aka the freezing charm. Now Supes can’t use his speed, or move at all for that matter. Which gives Harry enough time to hit with a devastating #3!

Move #3: Avada Kedavra. Aka the killing curse, when cast successfully on a living person or creature the curse causes instantaneous and painless death, without causing any injury to the body, and without any trace of violence. Harry hits the frozen Supes with Avada Kedavra and its over.

There’s only one counter to the killing curse, Sacrificial Protection, one needs to sacrafice their life to cast the spell. Supes would never let someone give their life to save him anyway so Harry wins.

Therefore I submit to y’all that Harry Potter would destroy Superman in 3 moves.

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