Ok, thought on it. Here’s my Star Wars list ranked from ‘Dope’ to straight up ‘I fell asleep on it’.

1. The Clone Wars (Seasons 3-6): MAD AWAKE

2. The Clone Wars (Genndy Tartakovsky): MAD AWAKE

3. Rise of Skywalker: Still Up, Chillin

4. Return of the Jedi: Still Up, No Problems

5. Empire Strikes Back: Awake, A Yawn Or Two… but I’m Good

6. Solo: Awake, I’m still here

7. New Hope: Still Chillin, A Few More Yawns but I’m Cool

8. Phantom Menace: Huh??? Oh Yeah, I’m still here.

9. Revenge of the Sith: Hold Up… What Happened?

10. Attack of the Clones: *Yawns* *Stretches* Aight, Let’s keep going

11. The Clone Wars (Seasons 1&2): Wait, I Missed Something

12. The Mandolorian: *Picks Head Up* Yeah, We Still Here

13. The Force Awakens: Just Let Me Put On My Jammies

14. Rebels: Who Said What Now!?!

15. The Last Jedi: *Wakes up out of Snore* WHAT!?! Yeah, I’m watching

16. Rogue One: *Snoring* … *Chokes on snore and wakes up* … *Goes Back To Bed*

Jason Reeves

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I agree on all that whole list BUT Rogue One. To me that was the best none Skywalker lead Star Wars movies.


You know what? I’d have to say Rogue One is PRETTY darn good. I was honestly never sold on Felicity Jones. As far as the characterization of the rebellion and the empire tho… VERY well done.